Black Pearl Laceweight

2 ply 50% Pearl and 50% tencel fiber
Our own Black Pearl yarn is a luxurious laceweight comprised of 50% Pearl and 50% tencel fiber. Pearl fiber is produced via a highly refined and sophisticated production process where nano-grade pearl powder is added into the cellulose spinning process. The pearl powder evenly covers both the inside and outside surface of the fibers and is permanently bonded. The pearl fiber’s base allows for excellent breathability and a smooth, velvety touch.
  • Yarn types
  • Laceweight
  • Knit Gauge
  • 32-46 sts over 10 cm
  • Metric Needle
  • 2.25mm
  • US Needle
  • #1
  • Crochet Gauge
  • 32-42 sts in 4″ double crochet
  • Hook Metric
  • 1.6mm–1.4mm
  • Hook US
  • B1
  • Approx:
  • 812 yds

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