Who We Are

Who We Are

We’re four women (1 Irish, 2 Americans and 1 Kiwi) who got together because of possum yarn. We hope to promote the use of natural fibers for knitting, crochet, and weaving.

Proud distributors of Zealana yarns

Zealana is a yarn with a story and a purpose. For several decades, Woolyarns, Ltd provided yarns only for commercial purposes.   In the early 1990’s, they pioneered the use of possum fiber mixed with wool  and began to market this amazing combination of fibers to top designers in Europe. By making something beautiful and luxurious from the bi-product of this non-native pest, they have ensured the success of conservation efforts.  Woolyarns  sponsors the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary and donates a portion of profits every year towards conservation work in New Zealand.

In 2006, Woolyarns released Zealana, their first hand knitting and crochet yarns. Having experienced the quality of these yarns, we’re very enthusiastic about sharing them with others who share our passion for natural fibers.


Who We Are

Left to Right: Jill, our Sales Manager is also a yarn rep and lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Jennie, our Artistic Director is also a resident Kiwi, an artist and color expert when she’s not teaching aerobics. Nathalie is our Design Manager, and exclusive designer. She’s Irish but currently living in the Seattle area. Claudia runs the warehouse in Colorado.

Established in 2007. Members of TNNA and The Yarn Group since 2006. Members of The Knitting Guild, Premier Fibers Group and sponsors of Keep the Fleece. We hope to promote the use of natural fibers for knitting, crochet, and weaving, while preserving the spectacular beauty of New Zealand for future generations.

How We Started

YarnSisters, Inc. was born one night in Opotiki, New Zealand, after an amazing day on the farm of Steve and Sue Boot of Basically Bush, Ltd. We had wanted to experience the possum problem and control efforts first-hand, and we could not have found better teachers. As yarn reps, we’d had some experience with possum yarns, but had never imagined the scope of the conservation effort necessary to save New Zealand from this non-native pest.

Neil Mackie, Managing Director of Woolyarns, Ltd. joined us that night, and we started talking about the luxurious yarns that could be created by blending possum with other exotic fibers. By the time we left Opotiki, we were swimming with ideas, and after visiting some of the wildlife refuges, we were on a mission to share what we’d learned with our customers in the US.

Since then, we have become the US Distributor of Zealana Yarns, manufactured by Woolyarns, Ltd. in Wellington. They provide us with many blends of premium New Zealand wool, but our favorites are the possum blends.

Claudia Edam (husband, cat, wishes for dog)
President, YarnSisters, Inc.