We represent these products in the Mountain States.Please call for more information.

The most luxurious-feeling sweaters you’ll ever wear are designed and made in New Zealand. These ready-made garments are so soft they can be worn next to the skin.

Made of a truly unique natural fiber, these garments are a part of a conservation effort to save New Zealand from the devastating effects of possum overpopulation.

Exquisite hand-painted luxury yarns in sensational colors. Represented in: CO, WY, ID, MT, NM, SD, ND, NE

High fashion designs with all the yarns to make them.

Hand Dryed fine Wools Made in America, as well as cottons and silks Represented in: CO, WY, UT, ND, SD

Polartec® is a world-renowned manufacturer and designer of over 300 high-tech outdoor fabrics.

Fiber care products, including Power Scour, Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse. Recommended for care of all your Zealana knitwear.