The YarnSisters are committed to providing natural, sustainable, high-quality products. We get many questions about possum fiber and how it fits into that profile, so we’re happy to have this venue to answer a few of them.

A few facts to consider:

The Australian Possum is not native to New Zealand. It was introduced by hunters in the 1800’s.

  • Possums have no natural predators on the islands.
  • They breed twice a year, so their numbers are growing rapidly.
    It is estimated there are between 70 and 90 million of them in NZ!
  • They eat around 21,000 tons of vegetation every night, destroying
    entire forests and habitat for natural species.
  • They destroy the eggs of the highly endangered kiwi and kakapo,
    flightless birds that were close to extinction.
  • They are a hazard on the roads.
  • The New Zealand government has spent many millions to humanely
    eradicate this pest from wildlife preserves and control the
    explosive population.
  • Possum Fiber is a unique and beneficial byproduct of efforts to
    save the stunning beauty and delicate ecosystems of New Zealand.
  • Possum fiber has many of the qualities of fine cashmere, such as
    lightness, softness and warmth.
  • It blends well with Merino and other fibers when spun properly.
  • It comes in beautiful natural colors and it can be dyed.
  • It’s washable and very durable.
  • It’s heavenly to knit with and to wear!

Save a Kiwi

Visit to learn about Possum Yarn and it’s relation to the New Zealand Environment.

Zealana Blend 2020

Woolyarns New Zealand Ltd.

Woolyarns New Zealand Ltd. has developed many unique specialty yarns using possum fiber for the hand knitter and the apparel industry. Their high standard of quality for all of their yarns is evident in this truly New Zealand product. Woolyarns is a sponsor of the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, and donates a portion of their profits every year towards conservation work in New Zealand.

We’re proud to say that KiaOra YarnsLothlorian and Zinity products are manufactured using Woolyarns products.

Knit a sweater and save a forest.


Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

As a result of Woolyarns original involvement in the development of yarns using possum fibre some 14 years ago, it was impossible to not to become increasingly aware of the serious damage caused to New Zealand’s unique native bird and plant life, by introduced species such as Delakas, Stoats, Weasels, Rats and Cats.

“In its first 5 years, the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary Trust successfully eradicated 13 species of pest mammal(including possums)from a 250ha area of bush and wetland. A 2.2m-high predator proof fence created New Zealand’s first “mainland island” where the bush could regenerate and native species could be reintroduced safely”

Nancy McIntosh-Ward, Chief Executive, Karori Wildlife Sanctuary

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