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8 Commonly Asked Question when Using a Vacuum Cleaner

8 Commonly Asked Question when Using a Vacuum Cleaner

It is a well-known fact that choosing a right vacuum cleaner for yourself isn’t easy and one needs to consider several factors and features before finalizing a product for themselves.

So, we have compiled a list of questions which will help you when trying to buy the perfect Vacuum Cleaner for yourself.

Is a Bagged Vacuum better than a Bagless one?

Well, the answer is that neither one is better than the other one.

A bagged vacuum cleaner can ensure that all the dirt and dust will stay in one location and are less likely to cause you allergic reactions but the cost of buying a new vacuum bag is really high.

On the other hand, cleaning a bagless vacuum is complicated and tricky and could end up with a lot of dust and dirt escaping the cleaner.

Do you need the various attachments?

You can use the vacuum cleaner attachments to clean different areas of the house like the ceiling, floor, rug, sofa, and so on.

Each attachment will be useful in cleaning a particular 3area properly and will allow you to clean the whole house much quickly and efficiently.

How frequently should you vacuum?

Although it would be good to vacuum your place regularly but let’s face it, no one has that much time or energy to spend on vacuuming every day. So this is why an ideal time for vacuuming would be somewhere around once every week or once every two weeks. Homeguyd has some detailed guides on how to go about vacuuming with different flooring and different vacuum cleaners.

You can vacuum your areas vigorously and properly to ensure that there is no dirt or dust lying around.

How often should you change the vacuum filter?

You need to change your vacuum filter whenever you feel that it has been damaged and cannot work efficiently anywhere.

Look for signs of wear and tear on your filter and then replace it with a new one so that it can contain the dust particles and allergens effectively.

change the vacuum filter

How frequently does the vacuum bag needs to be changed?

It is important that you check your bags regularly and clear them out whenever you feel there are too much dust and dirt collected inside it and there is a chance it might burst open in the next vacuum run.

At what height should you set the vacuum nozzle?

This question’s answer depends on the height of your carpet really. If you have a low-pile carpet, then you would need to set the lowest nozzle settings but if it is a plush carpet, then you would need to set a higher setting.

How many times to vacuum on a carpet?

Another frequently asked question by newbies is about the number of times that the user needs to run the vacuum cleaner over their carpet or the rug to ensure their cleanliness.

It has been found that 7 times is ideal for stubborn dirt and dust and 3-4 times is good enough for a lighter carpet.

vacuum on a carpet

Important Updates for AIR and Black Pearl for String

Important Updates for AIR and Black Pearl for String

We’re thrilled to have such an enthusiastic response to our Black Pearl yarn! We would just like to let everyone know that the packaging on the Black Pearl for String is correct. The String Edition is available in 3 exclusive colors and is also a different gauge than the Black Pearl fine laceweight yarn that was mislabeled earlier this year.

Air Series

We do have a few skeins left of the AIR Pearl Special Edition, a luxurious laceweight yarn that comes in 100 gram skeins in an all-natural color. This yarn was made especially for VK Live for String – click here to contact String and order your skein while supplies last!

An Important Update about Black Pearl

An Important Update about Black Pearl

Due to a misunderstanding with the mill that skeined our Black Pearl Fine Laceweight yarn, we have discovered the skeins are about 812 yards instead of the 940 printed on the box.

Black Pearl Yarn

A few hundred were shipped before we discovered the mistake and many have already been sold to consumers.  If you’re one of them, please contact the shop where you purchased the yarn for an additional 1.5 ounce skein.  The boxes will be re-labeled with the correct yardage and the price reduced accordingly.

We’re sorry for the problem and hope no one has come up short of finishing a garment.  The heavier gauge fingering was the correct weight and yardage. If you’re a retailer and we haven’t reached you yet, please contact us as soon as possible.

We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this issue may have caused; we know what it’s like to come up short on a project!