We are ’sisters’ in our love of natural fibers and the fiber arts. We also share a love of New Zealand and the gorgeous yarns produced there, particularly the possum yarns, which are helping New Zealand to avert an ecological disaster. We’d like to share a bit of what we’ve learned about that, and tempt you with some yarns that will take your needlework to a new level of luxury and enjoyment.


Zealana Performa Rimu Patterns

March 7, 2014
There was a great response to the latest patterns in the Zealana Perfoma Rimu Collection and we’re pleased to let you know that these patterns are available to purchase through Ravelry and the Yarnsisters website. Like the deep, rich-colored timber, native to New Zealand for which it is named, Rimu is strong and hard-wearing. The [...]
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Project Inspiration for Air

November 14, 2013
As the holiday season approaches little indulgences can add that extra special touch. Maybe you would like to find that extra-special yarn to use in a project for a person very worthy of receiving a hand-knit item? Choosing to use a luxurious yarn might make your knitting time a bit more enjoyable. We would like [...]
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