Making a Toddler a Vegan Baby

Making a Toddler a Vegan Baby

It is well known to everyone that how important and healthy way to stay and live a vegan lifestyle. Nowadays, many families are testing and have started practicing a vegan attitude by influencing the environment, animal welfare and health to showcase their values and health beliefs.

It is quite challenging as an adult to turn into a vegan lifestyle. But as a toddler, it again makes a huge difference as a parent as well. There are different angels such as you are already a vegan since a longer period, or a new member added to a vegan family, it is for sure that you are going to face many challenges in your path to feed your vegan toddler or baby. At times, you may feel that a diet that you are following is good for your family, but how can you be very sure that the same diet is the best one for the baby as well and he is getting everything that is needed for his growth.


An answer to this question is quite simple. By understanding and studying different paths and medium to make your baby grow just like other babies is possible.

Living vegan helps in decreasing the causes of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and type two diabetes and particular types of cancer. It does not take much time to be vegan, you can simply start taking plant-based diet and you can achieve your desired goal of being vegan, of course only if that particular diet suits your body.

You need to make sure every time that your children are receiving enough amount of nutrients and energy as required. will give you some more tips how to feed your toddlers without any mess, you can use their cute and colorful placemats which can also increase your toddler’s appetite. Below-mentioned are some tips that can be utilized to grow your toddler as a vegan:

Till 6 months: At the beginning, your baby just needs breast milk and a vitamin D supplement every day. If you are not able to breastfeed your baby, then getting a soy-based infant formula can be the solution. You can be consistent till the age of two.

6 months and above: Your baby I in need of many nutrients, like iron and now can have solid food as well. Try to give them iron-rich food at the start only. Also, make sure you are giving breast milk on demand and foods like ground nuts, seed butters, bean, peas, legumes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, can be given.

1 year and above: Try to give your child at least 3 meals a day and 2-3 time a snack.  As they need higher amount of energy in their smaller tummies.

Till 2 years: Milk type stuffs like soy beverages are not recommended. As they do not provide the required nutrients needed to your toddler. Soy-based infant formula is different from soy beverages.

Toddlers: Try to add different types of food 3 to 4 times a day and make 2-3 times as a snack time in a whole day.

Nutrients required for toddlers are:

  1. Protein: There are many foods those are protein-rich such as peas, lentils, beans, well-blended nuts, tofu, and other soy-based products.
  2. Vitamin B12: Deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause serious issues. So try to give your toddler 0.9 mcg of vitamin B12 every day.
  3. Calcium: Good for healthy teeth. Calcium-rich food is: beans, peas, butter, leafy greens, lentils, etc.
  4. Vitamin D: You can give an infant formula which is vitamin D rich and fortified beverages to your toddler baby.
  5. Iron: Iron is found in beans, peas, cereals, broccoli, kale, green beans, and tofu.
Creative Hacks To Painting a Night Sky

Creative Hacks To Painting a Night Sky

There are a very few things as beautiful as a night sky full of stars. It evokes a sense of comfort and wonder at the same time. Now imagine creating the same kind of wonder-struck beauty on a canvas. When you paint celestial art on canvas, you require more than just a few bottles of paint. It includes items like glaze medium and glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint. The idea is to create a sense of realism using certain techniques that we will share with you in this article.

  1. Dark Shades

For the first step, add dark colours such as blue and black paint to create a dark base impression on the canvas. Mix the two colours and fill the entire canvas. You could even create wavy strokes or flat strokes with the brush depending on the mood you choose for the night sky painting. In case you want to add mountain silhouette against the sky, you could choose to do that by creating two variants of the strokes and a subtle tone for the mountains compared to the darker shade for the rest of the canvas to give it a natural feel.

  1. Yellow Tone

To give the impression of clouds, mix yellow acrylic paint with black to create a layer above the base. Add a hint of white here and there to thin out the darker shade and experiment with diagonal and horizontal lines to create a form of transition from a darker shade to a lighter shade.

  1. Stars

Once the base is done and it dries out, squirt purple in the darker variant and shades of dark blue on the canvas for the impression of stars. If you have also created the illusions of mountains, avoid squirting on that area by covering it with paper. You could blend two dark paints together to create visibility of light emanation from the stars. Now allow the painting to dry throughout.

  1. Reds And Blues

If you want to give the sky a nebula-like feel, add a hint of red and mix it with glaze and apply it in layers over the sky area. Make sure the red is not too bright and subtle in its own. When you mix glaze with the paint, ensure that the glaze is 50 per cent of the paint. This will give the paint a transparent effect and prevent the colour from looking too bright on the canvas.

  1. Luminescent Feel

If you want the painting to glow, dip your fingers in a glaze mixed colour (it could be a purple or a pink or a blue) and gently smudge it on the canvas in the sky area in wavy motion to thicken out the effect of the night sky. Ensure that you are not experimenting with too many colours and sticking to 3 or 4 colours apart from black.

  1. Glow-In-The-Dark Paint

Take a toothbrush and dip in a glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint and gently run it over the edges of the canvas. Now dip the toothbrush slightly in water and squirt it across the canvas to create glowy stars as you will see it will release glowy dots on the painting. Once this is done, let the painting dry completely.

To create a night sky on canvas is simple in its process if you know the techniques right but what is more important is to be clear if you want more elements to it or not. We advise you to use a clear image if you are doing a painting from photos. For instance, if you want mountains or a landscape along with it then you have to also ensure that the colours reflect slightly over the landscape as well and this will also take in more of your time. If you are a beginner, we suggest you ace how to make a night sky first and then move on with adding elements to it.

Pearl Yarn is a Hit!

Pearl Yarn is a Hit!

Our new Pearl Yarn celebrating the 30th anniversary of Vogue Knitting Magazine is flying off the shelves. Pearl fiber is produced via a highly refined and sophisticated production process where nano-grade pearl powder is added into the cellulose spinning process.

Pearl Yarn

The pearl powder evenly covers the inside and the outside surface of the fibers and is permanently bonded. The pearl fibers viscose base allows for excellent breath-ability and the pearl
nano-powder provides a smooth, luxurious velvet touch.

Pearl fiber is:

  • Ultra soft touch
  • Anti- ultraviolet
  • Skin nourishing- reducing freckles, keeps skin smooth if worn regularly
  • Fabrics have good moisture management properties and breath-ability
Important Updates for AIR and Black Pearl for String

Important Updates for AIR and Black Pearl for String

We’re thrilled to have such an enthusiastic response to our Black Pearl yarn! We would just like to let everyone know that the packaging on the Black Pearl for String is correct. The String Edition is available in 3 exclusive colors and is also a different gauge than the Black Pearl fine laceweight yarn that was mislabeled earlier this year.

Air Series

We do have a few skeins left of the AIR Pearl Special Edition, a luxurious laceweight yarn that comes in 100 gram skeins in an all-natural color. This yarn was made especially for VK Live for String – click here to contact String and order your skein while supplies last!

Win a Trip to New Zealand!

Win a Trip to New Zealand!

Attention designers! Zealana is sponsoring the Vogue Knitting Design Contest, which is a great opportunity to showcase your design skills using their luxurious yarns.  The grand prize winner will receive an all-expenses paid trip to New Zealand, and all of the winners will be featured in a future issue of Vogue Knitting.

New Zealand

We look forward to seeing your creative designs. Entries are due by November 30, 2012; winners will be announced at the Vogue Knitting LIVE New York Gala Dinner on January 19, 2017.  Good luck!

Questions? E-mail

Click here for full contest rules.

Click here to download an entry form.


Black Pearl Fingering

Black Pearl Fingering

Our own Black Pearl yarn is a luxurious fingering weight yarn comprised of 50% Pearl and 50% tencel fiber. Pearl fiber is produced via a highly refined and sophisticated production process where nano-grade pearl powder is added into the cellulose spinning process.


The pearl powder evenly covers both the inside and outside surface of the fibers and is permanently bonded. The pearl fiber’s base allows for excellent breathability and a smooth, velvety touch.

An Important Update about Black Pearl

An Important Update about Black Pearl

Due to a misunderstanding with the mill that skeined our Black Pearl Fine Laceweight yarn, we have discovered the skeins are about 812 yards instead of the 940 printed on the box.

Black Pearl Yarn

A few hundred were shipped before we discovered the mistake and many have already been sold to consumers.  If you’re one of them, please contact the shop where you purchased the yarn for an additional 1.5 ounce skein.  The boxes will be re-labeled with the correct yardage and the price reduced accordingly.

We’re sorry for the problem and hope no one has come up short of finishing a garment.  The heavier gauge fingering was the correct weight and yardage. If you’re a retailer and we haven’t reached you yet, please contact us as soon as possible.

We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this issue may have caused; we know what it’s like to come up short on a project!